Cahute  is the first hand-built caravan that is eco-friendly and fully registered in Europe. We are very proud to introduce it to you here!


Our micro-house is without a doubt the first of its kind in France. Although borne out of the Tiny House movement, its smaller size sets it apart. It is nomadic by nature and close at heart to the wild camping ethos.
Its conception has at its heart both autonomy and manoeuvrability, in order to make it the ideal accommodation solution on natural landscapes, whether hard to reach or ecologically sensitive.
Cahute is also a tool to be used as part of a modular living system, and we endeavour to create linking and connecting elements so as to rethink the habitat as a living mini-village.


strengths Its practica­bility & Its beautiful shapes

Guided by
the Winds

Its featherweight allows it ease of movement, so it can spontaneously take flight and explore new horizons, like a grain of pollen caught in the wind. As eager for long haul adventures as for slow meanderings along country lanes, Cahute has movement at the very heart of its ‘raison d’être’.

by the Earth

Cahute is built with elegant and natural materials that will make it look great for years to come. The smell and feel of the wood it is almost entirely made of, as well as the hand-made paints mixed from various minerals and oxides, all contribute to a unique sensory experience.


100% handmade, Cahute is the fruit of the craft labour of the men and women who draw it, build it, paint it, all in the respect of a strong partnership between traditional workmanship and modern concerns.

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Cap vers le nord
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