The Project

Cahute knows how to adapt to your needs and wishes, with ease and elegance.
You cannot imagine how much creativity we can pack into this tiny house!

Our Concept

Cahute is a micro-house on wheels, and these wheels are made for many things; to travel, of course, but that is not all.

The caravan is the only one of its kind legally registered as both a vehicle and a place to live. You may therefore either travel or live in it, either temporarily or permanently. The Tiny House movement has come to question the monopoly position of the caravan how we know it, by focusing on two aspects so far ignored by the leisure industry : the quality of the building materials, and the integration of the accommodation in its nvironment.

Cahute’s challenge was to bridge the gap between the world of the caravan and that, emerging, of the Tiny House.

With this micro-house we have created an innovative building system that combines the durability and recyclability of natural materials, whilst remaining as lightweight as possible.
All structural wooden parts are cut to measure from solid poplar timber and then assembled following the traditional model of timbered houses.
The insulation made out of expanded cork insures an optimised flow of steam, is extremely durable, and allows an excellent level of comfort in summer.
The thermal treatment used for the wooden cladding promotes the use of poplar, a local timber, as part of an initiative to foster the forestry industry. The house is topped with an aluminium cover, hand crafted by a master roofer.
Doors and windows are made of solid chestnut in our workshop.
Glues and paints are home brewed by us following old recipes found in antique books and help foster that feeling of well-being in this small natural cocoon.
And voila! 10 m2 of habitable space, (7.3 m2 of ground floor area plus a double sleeping area in mezzanine), for a total gross vehicle weight of only 1300 kg. Challenge met!

Why keep the weight down to a minimum?

Cahute’s featherweight : the many reasons why it matters.

to consume less fuel today and remain free tomorrow to stay on the move with a clean towing vehicle.

to be able to travel with a simple car licence, without needing a van or fuel thirsty four wheel drive.

to be able to park the house on natural sites with the least impact possible (the simple axle and reduced weight facilitate manouevrability on all types of tracks), and move it to follow the path of the sun.



Mobility can be many things. It can mean moving one’s house within a piece of land, for instance to bring it closer to a main house and use it as an annex for growing children; setting it further apart so that visiting guests can enjoy their privacy; or isolating it so as to become a space in which to work or create, or a place to nap in a tree house for grown ups.

Mobility can also be found, for instance, in the grouping together of three houses (one bedroom, one living room, one office), all linked up by a patio, that can all be moved around just like the furniture in a room, breathing new life in when change is needed.

Cap vers le nord

Hallmarks of quality

Registered as a caravan

Cahute has, in partnership with the relevant authorities, set out the formal specifications required to be met by a micro-house to be registered as caravan compliant.

Specific insurance

Following an in-depth analysis of the various building processes that make up Cahute , as well as its many uses, Allianz Insurance has created a tailor made insurance policy for those who wish to live, travel or work in their micro-house in all safety.

Supporting Bâtiments de France

Cahutes can be used as accommodation on protected landscapes, coastal areas or sites of listed buildings.

VICTRON and TRUMA certified

Solar energy production units, heating, hot water, sanitary and cooking appliances are all guaranteed by our certified installer status.

Cahute is aimed
at professionals
& individuals alike


You wish to increase your accommodation capacity without having to invest in costly building works? You would like to create new accommodation on sites that are sensitive, protected, or in the middle of the wilderness? You would like your office to be mobile? Cahute is the solution you might have dreamt of.

Pommorio Castle

Pommorio Castle Situated on a 60 ha coastal estate, 15 standard Classics, 4 made to measure Classics and one SPA Classic are available to book, adding to the existing wedding business of the castle that of tourist accommodation in nature on a listed site.

Lancieux Golf

Lancieux Golf How about sleeping in a comfortable hut on a seaside golf course 10 minutes from Saint Malo? Philippe Benadretti, visionary founder of the GAEA in Lancieux, has set out 20 Classics on an ever-changing landscape to offer eco friendly accommodation by the coast.

Virginie’s XL

Virginie’s XL For Patricia, we transformed a Classic into a mobile theatre capable of welcoming two dozen spectators during show times. In the evening, it turns into the actress’s home whilst on tour.


You are looking for a caravan that does not look like one? Or an extension to your existing home that may be moved around on your property? You may wish for a little home to live in all year round closer to nature, in search of a simpler and more harmonious way of life? Cahute may be the grown-up cabin that will resemble you the most.

Leen’s Kazu

Leen’s Kazu Leen wanted a made-to-measure mobile home that would suit her year-round nomadic life between Toulouse and Andalusia. Her Kazu now crosses the Pyrenees twice a year, and the pictures she sends us of her journeys fill us with joy.

Katell’s Classic

Katell’s Classic Katell grows buckwheat in Saint Cast and looks after the moors on the Cap Fréhel with her animals. She needed a working and living space that could be autonomous, mobile and adaptable to her working environment. She chose the Classic, and a little pitched roof can now be seen travelling along the pink sandstone coast.

Virginie’s XL

Virginie’s XL Parisian, Virginie was looking for her childhood’s tree hut as a refuge in the middle of the wilderness. In the heart of the Perche natural park, with an astounding panoramic view, she needed a lookout as well as a house, and that is how we ended up drawing the XL together, with its terrace on the upper deck.
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