The Workshop

Our workshop is a village where architects, designers and craftsmen and women all cohabit, weird tools at hand, to create simple things beautifully.


A mobile micro-house cannot be thought of as an ordinary wooden house stuck to an axle on wheels. Driving along at 90 km/h on a bumpy road with a strong headwind in the rain would be like putting a house under conditions similar to those of thunderstorms and earthquakes. This implies the development of particularly adapted, specific and rigorous building techniques.

Ten years spent promoting the use of natural materials and traditional building methods in the building industry, followed by three years experimenting with mobile and modular micro-architecture, have resulted in the creation of a craft based building system bridging the gap between traditional building techniques and resolutely modern concerns.

Live Forces

Administrative Assistant,
and Accountant. A Godsend
Joiner, Video Maker,
Extreme Bike Rider
Carpenter, Surfer
and Circus Unicyclist
Joiner, Carpenter
and Decorator.
The Happy Colleague of all the others

Cahute’s Story

Carpenter joiner specialised in eco constructions, I discover in 2002 the Tiny House movement, and marvel at the American models. Fond of nomadic lifestyles for having experienced some of them personally, I decide to set up Cahute in 2015 with the desire to offer a European Tiny House, smaller, lighter, and completely mobile.

I then spend several months researching how to combine various essential elements; technical ones (weight, strength, manoeuvrability), administrative ones (registration, insurance), and ethical ones (use of raw natural materials in the craft building process). My goal put simply is to build a Tiny House by hand, that would be half the length and three times lighter than those built in France at the time, without needing to use any artificial materials and whilst respecting the technical norms applicable to leisure vehicles.

In early 2016 I find in Saint Malo some public and charitable partners enthused by the project, and with their support, I open Cahute workshops. Four months later, our first micro-house is ready, registered, towable with a simple car licence, insured for the road, and ready to be used as a house or as a business.

of Cahute
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